About Us

Pamela Lovett King Charles Cavaliers Breeds the Finest Lineage!


We are very selective in our bloodlines to preserve the highest standard of this wonderful breed.  Adult Cavaliers are traced 12 years in lineage, AKC registered, DNA tested, heart certified by a cardiologist and eye certified by a member of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists yearly.  Only Cavaliers who pass rigorous research and tests are bred.  We also provide the best in nutrition and health care.  Records are made available to our clients.


NO… You’re not seeing double. We had to electronically double our children for all of our puppies to be held in this photo.

“Praise the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, you are very great; You are clothed with splendor and majesty. He wraps Himself in light as with a garment; He stretches out the heavens like a tent and lays the beams of His upper chambers on their waters. He makes the clouds His chariot and rides on the wings of the wind.” Psalm 104:1-3, NIV


Our puppies are socialized as part of our family.  They are the babies of our “babies”. We start the housebreaking process at about 5 weeks.  Like our adults, we also provide the best health care and nutrition for our puppies, including an all-natural diet of NuVet Plus Canine supplements.  Puppies are administered their first shots and are dewormed several times before going to their permanent home. Beware of “vet checked” Cavaliers.  We offer a one year written health guarantee.  Puppies are AKC registrable.


Our experience with Pamela and Pamela Lovett Cavaliers has been amazing from beginning to end. Besides being a knowledgeable and well informed breeder, her desire to have the healthiest puppies possible was one of the main reasons that convinced us to get a CKCS from Pamela. Just as important though are the Lovett’s dogs personalities. They are all friendly, outgoing and living testimonials to the atmosphere in which they have been bred and brought up. And of course, they are all gorgeous!

Our Lucy is only 3 1/2 months old but we can’t imagine our lives without her and are so grateful that we found Pamela Lovett Cavaliers… thank you, Pamela for your hard work and dedication to the Cavalier breed.


Ami & Randy Garrett

Beauregard has been the most perfect addition to our family. He and our older lab get along beautifully and the kids adore him. He is so loving and smart. His favorite hobbies are playing and cuddling… mostly cuddling. We could not have picked a more sweet and gorgeous pup. Thank you so much Pamela!


The Speir family

I had to write you for your testimonial page.
Your cavaliers are the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen.
I have always had cavaliers and am obsessed with the breed!
My experience with you as a breeder has been incredible.
My “Rolo” is now two years old, and is regal and the love of my life!
He is beyond intelligent. He dances on his hind legs with me when I put on music.
He can stay suspended upright for the entire song!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Alexandra Rose

My mommy and daddy searched for me for three years! They knew they would have to find the perfect puppy to bring home and join my big sister Piper Ann (a five year old Shih Tzu) and to be a good playmate for her growing brood of grandchildren. They also knew that to find just the right puppy they were looking for just the right breeder. The first time they met Pam Lovett (and saw me) they knew they had hit the jack pot!! I don’t want to brag, but Mommy says I was a breeze to train, (she thinks it’s the expensive vitamins she gives me that make me so smart, but really it’s the treats that I love)!! For a treat I will do almost anything!! I am house broken, sit, stay, and know the commands “down”, “howdy” and “come”. Did I mention I’m only 13 weeks old?? My most favorite times are when I am rocked by daddy in the big chair or sitting in Mommy’s lap (I like lots of affection). I also really love Piper, but I don’t think she likes to play quite as much as I do… we are getting along as well as siblings do though! When I go for a walk everyone has to stop and pet me and talk about how cute I am… Mommy calls me her show stopper! My breeder let my mommy and daddy visit me before I was old enough for my new home. She would also call mommy and keep her up to date on my progress (sometimes I still hear them talking about me on the phone so either they just really love talking about me or they became friends thanks to me)!

Now, I know that you all may want me after reading how loving and well behaved I am, but I am super happy here.. the good news for you is that the Lovett’s have other’s! If you enjoyed hearing from me I’m sure I’m the breed you are looking for… and these are “just the right breeders”!


Regis Finn of Wexford (Proud owner of Ron and Cindy Sawyer)

Have you ever seen a more beautiful face?! This first photo of my puppy from Pamela took my breath away. I’m crazy about him. Pamela is not just a breeder, she is a knowledge base of information for the Cavalier breed. In looking at the home she designed, talking to her about her love for beautiful things and learning about her personally, one realizes that Pamela has a commitment to excellence. Her puppies are evidence of this commitment. You can look, but you will not find in the US, a more thorough, loving and excellent breeder.


LDB (Atlanta, Georgia)

We are so grateful to have met Pamela Lovett and to have been blessed with one of her amazing and beautiful puppies! After a long search for our cavalier, we finally found a breeder that understands the true cavalier breed. Murphy is everything we had hoped and understood the breed to be… laid back, happy, loyal, obeidient and beautiful. He has brought so much joy and love to our family. Thank you, Pamela!

Murphy enjoys getting to spend time with the latest Lovett puppies!


MWT (Charlotte, North Carolina)

We are delighted that we found Pamela at Pamela Lovett Cavaliers as a breeder. The quality of her dogs is exceptional. Because the dogs are raised in a home/family environment, and not in a kennel, we feel it makes a huge difference in a dog’s personality. Our dogs are beautiful, warm, loving and kind.


Wendy & Tony Hughes (Wilmington, North Carolina)

I can’t thank Pamela Lovett Cavaliers enough! Reagan brings so much love and laughter to my home. It was evident that she was loved and cared for from her very first day. I personally knew that Reagan was wonderful, but a very experienced dog-trainer recently affirmed what I knew all along. She asked where Reagan was from because she had not seen such a beautiful Cavalier with such a happy and joyful disposition. She told me that I could not have done better in finding such a wonderful puppy. This can be directly attributed to Pamela and her family. I would never even think of going through another breeder for my next puppy. I highly recommend Pamela Lovett Cavaliers to anyone interested in welcoming one of these amazing dogs into their family.


Billie Jo Crouse (Greensburg, Pennsylvania)

“Ahhh! The good life! I am the adored fur-baby of the Leone family. I live at the Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.”

Pamela Lovett Cavaliers are the best! We could not imagine life without Daisy!


Kathy & Paul Leone (Palm Beach, Florida)

Simon Peter and Isaiah have absolutely changed our lives. Our children are grown and these precious dogs have filled our home and have become our new kids. Thank so much, Pamela. You are a blessing and have become a cherished friend.


Anita & Kip Plummer (Concord, North Carolina)

She is such a love-sponge! We love our puppy so much. Thank you, Pamela! She slept through her first night and is practically 100% potty trained already. Incredible! The kids are over the moon about her.


Elizabeth (Greensboro, North Carolina)

We have become local celebrities in our town! Everyone comments on the beauty of our copper Penny! Thank you for your excellence in breeding such an incredible Cavalier King Charles dog. What an amazing breed.


Veronica & David Knott (Palm Beach, Florida)

We could not be more in love with our amazing puppy, Roman. He has added joy to our home and warmth to our hearts. Every step of our dealings with Pamela Lovett Cavaliers has been overwhelmingly positive and we highly recommend them to you!


Brad & Gwen Smith (Huntersville, North Carolina)